Endless Summer Vacation by Miley Cyrus

Brief review of Endless Summer Vacation


12/20/20231 min read

Maturing, Unique, Get-up-and-go! Her unique voice elevates pop-rock and shows versatility.

Cyrus's 8th studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, is about introspection and growth. Whether moving on from men or looking at her youth, Cyrus perhaps suggest that summer does end. While I can't tell if the mismatched title is purposeful, the songs individually are good, especially with Cyrus's voice.

Miley's voice has a special place in my heart. The power she can drive in that smoky voice is unique and provides an emotion that other singers simply can't do. In Wonder Women, a ballad, the voice is driving, empowering, and a bit sad. In Flowers, it's annoyed, done, and independent. In Used To Be Young, it's introspective and matured (though she evokes innocence when needed). I will say that like an oboe struggles with evoking anger, Cyrus's voice has trouble with some emotions. For example, in Island, she doesn't quite land the relaxing island vibe the song ask for. But other than that, Cyrus's voice is her strongest asset, an enduring legacy given by birth and natured with hard work and talent.

Overall, the album provides a look at how Cyrus views her past and how she has come into her current being.

Favorites: Wonder Women, Flowers, Used To Be Young