October 2023

In dad's empty bed

To the calm of thunder

And rain on the shutter.

Ambiently night,

The cloud light streams through

September 2023

Solidly, miscoloured red.

Somehow brick red denotes something.

It is a feeling, against a hardened exterior.

A collection of the miscolored, and ill-fitting

But the wall is brick red

September 2023

Gray skies, and streets, rivers and people

Somehow I always walk you at 1am

Hardly a difference at 1pm though

With gray buildings, gray birds, gray puddles and souls

The heart beat discolors itself against an ambivalent frame.

August 2023

Gazing on endless wave crests, fractalizing in space and time, tantalizing me to create rudimentary models. The surface merely a projection of the depths.

Though I try to know the peaks and troughs, the biorhythms of the waves, and I dance not because I understand. Soundless wave crests emanate from my feet too for someone to gaze at

January 2023

Even winter sunsets

Bring opportunities

I see pierced skies

In new company