GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo

A brief review of GUTS


12/19/20231 min read

Singing, Yelling, Screaming. The explosive sophomore album unlocks forbidden emotions.

Rodrigo's sophomore album is no slump. The album immediately bombards the listener with the rant of a teenage girl. The punk-pop/rock carves the identity and niche of Rodrigo further, delineating her further from the other pop girls in the mix. Olivia's voice is also better controlled. While I could not tolerate her head voice in Driver's License (hot-take I know), here she produces a much smoother sounds.

The album is structured a bit amateurishly (loud, soft, loud, ...) but this serves to divide the songs from each other, creating the effect that this is the collection of emotions from a girl over the course of time, rather than one streamlined thought. They are rants in music, sometimes bombastic, sometimes somber but always real. They're are also no surprise in her music as she stays within the genre but her personal touch and execution make this a cut above the rest.

Overall, the emotional album is provides a range of songs perfect for anger, sadness, disappointment, or bad-bitchiness.

Favorites: vampire, teenage dream