Heaven knows by PinkPantheress

A brief review of Heaven knows


12/19/20231 min read

Addictive, Electronic, Silk. Smooth icy voice on hot beats mixed effortlessy

In PinkPatheress's sophomore project, she improves on her signature style with a rich palette of sounds and features that elevate her niche. She proves that her style is not a one-off but an enduring style of expression.

When first listening to PinkPantheress's, one is launched into a different realm of music. The production and (more importantly) her voice feel angelic yet energetic. The combination of a strong beat and post-production allow PinkPantheress's voice to push forward. Additionally, her flitters and runs are perfect as they dance with beat. Capable of love showcases her talents perfectly as her angelic voice dances above soft guitars and a strong wet bass.

The songs are sonically cohesive and run the risk of blending together but the catchy melodies and features draw them apart from each other. PinkPantheress curates vibes and can drive the energy when she needs to, creating an addictively catchy project.

Favorites: Capable of Love, Boy's a liar Pt. 2, Ophelia, Mosquito