Midnights by Taylor Swift

A brief description of Midnights


12/3/20231 min read

Synth, Wordy, Stale Late night songs that draw one to sleep

In Taylor Swift's tenth project, Midnights, she returns to the synth and electronic sounds present in her 1989 but this album is notably less energetic. The synths are heavy and steady and her voice is whispered, following the theme of secrecy. While cohesive and well-produced, the album narrow soundscape puts the user to sleep well before midnight.

The almost redeeming part of the album was released at 3am as the songs seem to be more interesting and explorative then the main segment. Songs like Paris and Glitch are more memorable than the beginning of the project while maintaining the soundscape.

While listenable, the work (if lucky) will be relegated to quiet listening to put me to sleep.

Favorites: Paris, Mastermind, Bigger Than the Whole Sky