A brief description on Beyonce's Renaissance



10/13/20231 min read

Infinitely danceable, an exploration of beauty and a showing of love.

Here I am a year and a half after the album's release writing a review on it but I must. The album is a plethora of unique songs and new style for a Beyoncé. A house/ballroom/R&B album mixes and matches the genres to create new and danceable songs. Unlike R&B, the voice is simply another element in house and ballroom rather than the dominate sound feature. Beyoncé perfectly mixes her vocals into the tracks, weaving in and out while still showing her vocal prowess.

The album's about a period of growth in Beyoncé and while we don't know the details, the sentiment echoes throughout the album. Cozy, Alien Superstar, Church Girl, Virgos Groove all seek to highlight how she has grown to be comfortable with herself and encourages us to be in love with ourselves just as she is.

Favorite Tracks: Cozy, Pure/Honey, Plastic off the Sofa