Scintilla by WHAT? NAH

A brief review of Scintilla


12/19/20231 min read

Arhythmic, danceable, freeing On your toes, but always on beat

WHAT? NAH is an instrumental math-rock band based in Leeds, UK. Scintilla is their first public collection of pieces before releasing Laminar Flow and, one of my favorites ever, Camomile Sea. The collection is fun to listen to and the group does so much with their respective voices.

The tempo and beats are atypical and keep the music fresh and lively. Yet, the melodies are enticing and sometimes singable. The joys of music are felt through each beat and the group has the fun throughout the EP. While calling themselves math-rock the group employs many jazzy sounds and chords elegantly and creating more interest the genre-bender.

Overall, the EP is hopefully the beginning of a promising band, The beauty that instrumentals can make, and the embracing of arhythmic songs.

Favorite: Don't Be a Stranger