Think Later by Tate McRae

A brief review of Think Later


12/18/20231 min read

Sonically cohesive but fails to shock the genre

The sophomore album Think Later by Tate McRae is the definition of a pop album. A collection of songs with catchy beats and melodies. Tate proves that she is a singer as her voice is steady and on pitch but falters on emotional versatility. While she could have done more, the onus is on the songs to take advantage of her voice. Tate possesses a unique whispery nasal voice that the album fails to utilize. Much like other artist with unique voices, songs must be tailored to the voice. I often say that Miley Cyrus couldn't sing any song, but almost no one can do a Miley song. Tate fails to make her songs her own. While the album wants to make big catchy hits, Tate's voice sounds best in the softer songs and section.

The songs sonic cohesiveness brings the album together but also causes the songs to blend together. I wish there was a more diverse pool of sounds and rhythms to divide up the songs. There was no indication of build up or anticipation throughout the album. Just the same emotionally throughout.

Overall, the album is technically excellent but I fail to see why I would listen to this album over other pop albums.

Favorite: Run for the Hills